About Us

F3X is derived from the Find Fix Finish and Exploit of the complete F3EAD solution cycle. F3EAD’s fusion of Operations and Intelligence is the Special Operations Force’s mission planning standard and is representative of F3X’s leadership, experience and dedication to success.

Find: Identify and define the situation. This is the starting point for deliberate planning in order to identify potential solutions.
Fix: Develop an approach and comprehensive plan to address the situation. F3X can assist in determining appropriate courses of action.
Finish: Execution of the plan with attention to detail and effective management of the process, prepare for contingencies, remain flexible and fluid, as no plan survives first contact.
Exploit: What information surfaces as the solution is executed and how does it impact the desired course of action, let the situation develop and employ contingencies, as required. F3X’s operational and analytical expertise will maximize exploitation.
Analyze: Through comprehensive analysis the details determine success and define the following courses of action. The genesis of our organization is in analytical support to premier organizations.
Disseminate: Lessons learned and after action analysis will determine the way your organization moves forward. Inform the appropriate leaders through dissemination and advance to the next opportunity.

F3X Global, LLC was founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary of Pathoras Corporation – an Analysis, Linguistics, and Information Technology firm that provides direct support to the National Security Arena.  F3X Global is comprised of former Navy SEALs, Army Special Operators, Career Intelligence Officers, and Cyber Crimes Law Enforcement Experts.  F3X provides Operations Support and Realistic Urban Training Scenarios to SOCOM / JSOC customers, while also providing Custom Security Solutions, Leadership Development Services and Cyber Forensics to the commercial market.  F3X is focused on providing services and support to meet the needs of U.S. national security agencies and businesses.